Stucco Terrace
A cacophony of colour induces harmony in this family room.
Handsome nooks for a books. Handcrafted shelves are ebonised and lit from within.
A Nordic sky was the inspiration behind the hand rendered walls. A fitting backdrop for the jewel tone velvets, ostrich plumes and optical accents.
Albaster moon pendants and demi-sconces mounted on foxed, mirrored panels present the cosmos upon arrival.
Devoré velvet hangs seductively beneath chartreuse pelmets and the curvaceous headboard is as stylish as the muted earth tones are restful. All elements pulled together by the silk strewn and densely tufted carpet. A visual poem.
A modern take on Ivy League for two discerning teens. Playfully evoked through galvanised metallics, grainy timbers, retro lighting and leathers in punchy oxblood and teal.
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